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myoko suginohara ski resort

Suginohara Ski Resort

15 mins (by local shuttle, 500 yen) from Myoko Ski Lodge

myoko suginohara ski resort

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The southernmost of the four resorts on Mount Myoko, Suginohara reaches up the highest, meaning the lowest temperatures to keep that powder fluffy. The resort's monstrous 1,124 meters of vertical place it second only to Kagura among Japanese ski areas.

Suginohara Ski Resort Area is just 7km (500yen each way by shuttle bus) from Akakura Onsen Village which provides both a village atmosphere accommodation base and easy access to Suginohara Ski Resort.


Suginohara was recently featured on the front page of "Powder Magazine" and is very highly rated by the relative few from the western world who have so far discovered it's incredible side and backcountry powder skiing. And why not test your endurance by skiing Japan's longest, thigh burning, groomed run at 8.5km from top to bottom.

If you have kids, you'll be happy to know that kids under 13 ski free and there is the comfort of a gondola chairlift and if you're lucky, the "oishii" (delicious) kebab food truck will be there once again this season, so definitely worth the excursion!

Suginohara features regularly on our 4wd minivan hit list from Akakura Onsen Village, where you can take advantage of Myoko Ski Lodges's more central Myoko location with convenient access to all Myoko Ski Resorts and the best variety of restaurants, shops and nightlife all within walking distance.

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