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lotte arai ski resort

Lotte Arai
Ski Resort

Only about 30minutes away by public shuttle from Myoko Ski Lodge

lotte arai ski resort

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With massive annual snowfall and Japan's biggest inbounds free ride zone, Lotte Arai Ski Resort re-opened in 2017/18, further adding to the amazing array of day trip options for visitors wishing to sample the variety of terrain offered in the Myoko region. Over $500 million dollars has been invested in this resort since it opened in the early nineties, closed in 2006, was then purchased by a South Korean company and then re-opened as the Myoko area continues to grow in popularity due to discovery by international powder hounds from around the world as they begin to realise that the Myoko region is one of the most reliable powder skiing destinations on the planet. There is a resort style hotel at the Arai resort base but the best place in Myoko to stay for central access to the greater Myoko region and with a traditional village and ski town vibe remains Akakura Onsen village (a 30 minute drive in one of Myoko Ski Lodges 4wd minivans).

lotte arai ski resort
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