Myoko Ski Lodge

Madarao Ski Resort

Just 45 min (by daily shuttle bus - 1,000 yen each way) from Myoko Ski Lodge

Madarao Ski Resort Accommodation

Lying right on the border between Niigata and Nagano, Madarao is one of our highly recommended destinations on the Myoko hit list.

Take a daytrip to Madarao only after an overnight dump and get into it early because it tends to track out early due to it's popularity on powder days.

A fun resort where the natural terrain and formerly side country lines and gullies have been opened up as designated ski areas.

If you like natural half pipe terrain, head straight to "Powderwave II" then explore from there.

Madarao is interconnected by chairlift with Tangram Ski Circus (another smallish resort with some relatively little known powder stashes in the trees but less of the natural features and gullies of it's neighbouring Madarao.

Just 15km (by shuttle bus) from Akakura Onsen Village.

Please remember though, no matter where in the world you choose to ski off-piste or back country, you do so at your own risk.

Getting caught in even a small avalanche can be fatal, hitting a tree can be like hitting solid rock and there are numerous other dangers.

Never go alone, ensure your group leader is suitably qualified and take the necessary back country equipment.