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Myoko Ski Resorts

More traditionally Japanese than Hakuba, bigger and more variety than Nozawa Onsen, more vertical than Shiga Kogen, and with an average snowfall from mid December to mid March averaging over 1 metre per week, more powder snow than all three! And with milder weather and less wind than Niseko, it's no wonder Myoko Kogen is one of the hottest frontiers for deep powder skiing and snowboarding on the planet right now.   

Myoko Ikenotaira Ski Resort

Alpen Blick Ikenotaira

Other close ski areas...

Nozawa Onsen Ski Resort

A very popular ski hill with a great variety of runs adjoining a gorgeous traditional village.

How to get to Nozawa Onsen Ski resort from Akakura Onsen:

​​Take the public bus down to Myoko Kogen Station (380 yen, 10 mins)

Catch the 7:49am train to Toyono Stn (590 yen, 27 mins).

Catch the 8:52am train to Iiyama Stn (320 yen, 31 mins).

Catch the 10:30am shuttle bus to Nozawa Onsen ski area and village (600 yen, 20 mins).

Shiga Kogen Ski Resort

Japans largest interconnected collective of ski resorts.

How to get to Shiga-Kogen Ski resort from Akakura Onsen:

Ask us to help you determine the best way to get to Shiga Kogen for a day trip.

Keep in mind it's at least a two hour trip by public transport, so you'll need to be keen and leave early.​

Hakuba Ski Resorts

Probably the most well known ski area on the island of Honshu.


How to get to the Hakuba Ski area from Akakura Onsen:

Ask us to help you determine the best way to get to Hakuba for a day trip.

Keep in mind it's a two and a half hour trip by public transport, so you'll need to be keen and leave early.

Myoko Backcountry Skiing

Myoko might be one of the more recently "discovered" frontiers for deep powder ski tours in Japan and the world right now, but experienced, chair lifted slack-country and back-country powder hounds have made this classic, club style ski lodge their convenient Myoko ski tour base since it was built by Japan's daily sports newspaper "Nikkan Sports" in 1972.

We can recommend great local Myoko backcountry ski & snowboard tour guides in Myoko upon your arrival at Myoko Ski Lodge. We are also happy to share our secret powder stash knowledge with properly equipped, experienced, safety conscious guests. In return, we hope you will contribute to our growing, collective knowledge base by sharing with us and your fellow guests your own hidden lines you discover over apres drinks by the fireplace at the end of each day. After all, having purchased the lodge in the 2015/16 season, we are still in the pioneering discovery phase which promotes a great camaraderie and fun atmosphere around the lodge.

Snow Japan records compiled since 2012/13 indicate that on average, 88cm of fresh powder dumps on the Myoko backcountry each week from mid December through February. This means we often don't run out of un-tracked lines between dumps.


Much of the best Myoko backcountry skiing is relatively, easily accessible via Akakura Kanko resort lifts which run from the base of Akakura Onsen Village. And as the best part of the Myoko backcountry ski area is right above Myoko Ski Lodge, you will enjoy the convenience of being able to ski down to the lodge.

Access Mt Mitahara (the Southern rim of Mt Myoko) with a 2 hour hike from the top lifted point at Suginohara.

It's possible to ski tour all the way back to Myoko Ski Lodge (with a guide) from Mt Mitahara.

Around mid January the Myoko backcountry snowpack is usually well established and a growing proportion of powder enthusiasts begin to arrive, forming an eclectic group of guests from around the world bonded by a common desire, to carve their name into as much legendary Myoko powder snow as possible.

Your adrenaline will kick up a level when you get involved in powder seeking missions with your fellow guests (facilitated by the Australian lodge staff) both in our backyard as well as to nearby ski resorts (pre-tested and first time recon's). If you're willing to help dig out the mini-vans in the mornings, we'll aim to help you fulfil your powder addiction needs.

That said, it is important to understand that as we don't charge guests to ski with us in the Myoko backcountry, you are responsible for your own safety, insurance and any costs associated with potential injury. The danger of avalanche is very real and we do not condone skiing in areas prohibited by resort management. We do believe however, that if you are going to tour the steeper, deeper backcountry, you need to bring the appropriate safety gear, including beacon, probe and shovel or you can hire backcountry equipment at mates rates from us. Always ski or ride backcountry with experienced, properly equipped buddies.

We recommend this website for free basic avalanche training videos:

We also recommend this video from BCA for beacon search training:

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